Repair, Maintenace, Modding of your Retro Consoles and Carts                                                   






- Repair of your console
--> Repair on component level if possible (replace / solder parts)
--> Console does not 'start' / no power / powerlight blinks

--> Repair of your console after a bad mod / problem.

- Modding of your console
--> Unlock Region
--> Install Composite / RGB mod

Nintendo Entertainment System Console & Nintendo 64 Specific:

--> Replace 72 pin connector

--> Install N64 UltraHdmi mod, you can see our video here ->

--> HI-DEF Nes HDMI mod, you can see our video here ->

General maintenance & repair of your console / game cartridges:

--> Because the age of the retro consoles it's recommended to change the capacitors (they dry up & start leaking destroying the mainboard)
--> Game cartridges that let you save progress usually have an internal battery (we can also change these)

- Repro Games (creating a repro game cartridge on client request)
example: Zelda The Legend of Link, you can see our video here ->